1 cup Arborio or Carnaroli rice

I onion, chopped

3 cups stock

½ cup white wine

I knob butter, or 1 tblsp olive oil

Salt to taste



Heat stock in a saucepan, to boiling, and keep on simmer.

In a separate heavy based pan, melt butter/olive oil on medium heat, add onion and cook about 3 minutes.

Add rice and cook, stirring constantly, for another 3 minutes, making sure all rice grains are coated in butter/oil.

Add wine and cook, still stirring, until rice has absorbed all the wine.

Turn heat to low (essential – you need to cook the rice slowly), then add hot stock (must always be hot) by the ladleful or cupful, cooking rice in the stock while stirring until liquid is absorbed, or close to.  Add another ladle/cup and repeat process until rice is almost cooked through – just the very centre of the grain should still be a bit firm.  

If you run out of stock, use boiling water.  Turn off  heat and add salt to taste.


Cover pan/pot and let sit for 10 minutes.  Make sure rice mixture still has excess liquid – add more hot stock or water when you turn off the heat if needed.   The rice will continue to cook after you turn the heat off, and will absorb more liquid.  


  • Parmesan cheese – add in step 5 and mix through before turning off heat
  • Peas – defrost frozen peas and add at the end of step 5.
  • Bacon – add as part of step 2
Basic Risotto Recipe
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